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CAD Design and Documentation

Wide range of our services covers almost all common activities of a mechanical engineer in typical production factory.

Manufacturing workshop & detailing

2D & 3D Detailing, BOMs, sheet metal flat patterns and sheet metal processing are our main focus.

The workshop documentation includes the preparation of complete documentation (drawings, parts lists, materials lists, technology lists, sheet metal flat patterns, dxf data, tolerance, etc.), which are required to produce desired position or assembly uniformly in every moment.

The workshop documentation provide repeatability and ensures that always the same product, with no variations in size, materials, technology and form, is produced.

 The preparation of the workshop documentation seeks:

  • intensive contact with the purchaser,

  • knowledge of technological possibilities of production,

  • knowledge of the machinery of the contractor,

  • optimal alignment of the manufacturing process with the available technology and equipment




Reverse engineering is defined as the production of technical documentation for existing product. It includes disassembly, analysis of the function of the part or assembly, as well as calculations of these components.

We digitize and transmit your technical drawings from paper format, in 2D CAD formats:DWG or DXF format, or in all standard 3D CAD formats like:STEP, IGES, IPT, IAM as well as other common CAD ​​formats.

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